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Our COVID-19 Commitment and Guarantee

Below we've compiled a brief Q&A section to help our potential customers understand what we went through with the pandemic and the current status of parts availability.

What happened to all the golf cars?   
COVID-19 has taken it's toll on the entire world. There's no denying that.  It's severely impacted the availability of used golf cars and golf car parts and accessories. When COVID-19 first showed up in our country everyone began to panic and figure out exactly what they needed to do to protect themselves. Many golf courses around the country decided that it would be in their best interest to extend the lease of their golf car fleet another year. Because of this, these used cars did not get shipped back to Club Car and E-Z-Go here in Augusta, GA after their lease was expired. Golf cars became scarce because there were very few lease returns and the factories weren't building new cars to replace them with. Shortly thereafter, a stimulus package was issued to the majority of the people in the country.  This pretty much wiped out any of the used golf cars that were still on the market at that time.  Throughout the summer months golf cars were extremely hard to find. If you could find a used car, you would see considerably higher pricing than what you saw in the past.

UPDATE FALL OF 2023: This has been slowly getting better over the past year but we do not expect prices to return to pre-2020 numbers ever again.

Why are so many parts out of stock?
Increased demand and reduced supply.  Imported shipments have slowed drastically due to COVID-19. Companies that are based in the USA have far more buyers than they are accustomed to having because of this. They are also having issues because they're unable to source a lot of the materials needed to build their products in a timely manner.  This is resulting in some lengthy lead-times and out-of-stock conditions for lots of items.  Man-power is at a premium these days.  With so many people out sick due to being infected by COVID-19, or by trying to limit their exposure, a lot of these businesses are understaffed and working late hours just to try and keep up as best they can.  Parts are still available just as they always were, but they're not available in as large of quantities as what they used to be. This is resulting in parts being "available" one day and "sold out" the next. Then we're right back to square one, having to wait until the next shipment.  It happens fast and it's impossible to keep up with.

UPDATED FALL OF 2023: Pricing still continues to rise, but availability is substantially better than it was during the pandemic. We still recommend that you contact us prior to ordering if you're concerned with a back-order or a wait time. 

How is Revolution Golf Cars handling the pandemic and the stock-status of the items in the online store?    
We sell items on eBay, we sell items from our online store, we sell items over the phone, and we sell items locally. There is no effective way for us to quickly and easily determine how many products we have in stock on a given day because they are sold by so many different methods. After debating on hiring somebody for the sole purpose of  keeping up with stock status in every single item in our store every single day vs leaving every item "purchasable" in our store, we have decided that we are leaving all of our items available for order whether they're in stock or not.  We have talked to our customers prior to making this decision and the vast majority of them understand the situation and are willing to wait on the back-orders to arrive before they get their parts. Usually this is not a very long waiting period and they feel that it's in their best interest to go ahead and get their name "in line" to get the items that they ordered as quickly as possible.  Waiting for them to be "in stock" again, may result in another back-order status as soon as the pending orders are fulfilled.  If you want something, order it now.  Don't wait or you may be pushed back to the next shipment that won't show up for months.

UPDATED FALL OF 2023: This is not near as big of an issue as it once was. We make every effort we can to make sure that IN STOCK vs OUT OF STOCK status on our website is accurate, but with so many products in our store, sometimes it's hard to keep up.  Please text us at 706-431-3917 or email us at if you have a question about stock status.

What separates Revolution Golf Cars from other online vendors? Why should I order an item from Revolution Golf Cars instead of another place online?    
Great question.  We feel that we have an answer that is just as great.  We want to separate ourselves by providing outstanding customer service.  We WILL communicate with our buyers. Every single time.  If you are curious as to what the current lead-time is on a certain item, ask us.  We'll tell you.  All you have to do is send us an email or a text message and we'll let you know. We guarantee that we will answer every single message in a timely manner.  We have seen the complaints online about other vendors.  The people who get so frustrated because they ordered something months ago and can not get in touch with the company that they placed the order from.  Often wondering did they throw their money away and if they'll ever see the product. We get it and we understand. We WILL NOT be "That Company".  We guarantee it.  If you place an order with our company without contacting us, that's fine.  When we process your order we will email you a copy of your invoice. On this invoice will be a box showing the estimated ship date of your order. You can check the status of your order anytime and we'll be glad to help you. Hopefully this will all be over with soon and we can go back to operating how we want to. Efficiently and quickly. Only time will tell, but this is the hand that we have been dealt so we're dealing with it the best way we know how. 

Phone or Text: 706-431-3917

Doubletake Parts - No delays on most items.
All-Sports Lift Kits and accessories - 2-4 Weeks on lift kits and accessories, 2-3 months on long travel kits
Alltrax Controllers - No Delays
Navitas Controllers & Motors - No Delays
OEM Parts - No Current lead time on most items. Typically ships within 1-3 days of ordering. This is gradually becoming worse and worse. Even if an item is out of stock, typically it can be sourced and shipped within 2 days of ordering from our online store. Of everything in our online store, these parts are the least affected by back-orders and are also the most accurately represented by online stock status. Again, if you're concerned about an item, please call, text, or email prior to ordering.


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