Extend the season with the Climate Caddy Heater and Fan combo. This new electronic high-performance fan and best-in-class heating system for 48V golf carts provides both cooling fresh air for hot weather and hot, 100 percent heated air for chilly days.



  • Silent whisper fan provides up to 900 F/M of tremendous air movement.

  • Bi-level vent system points air exactly where you need it.

  • Electronic eye allows operation only while you are in the cart.

  • Battery fail safe sensor prevents pre-mature battery drain by not operating if the total battery charge drops below 43V.

  • Adjustable cup-base fits every golf cart model and rotates to face the driver.

  • Compact size is ideal for rented carts and in/out use of the golf cart.

  • Color coded LED indicator light alerts passengers to operational status:

  • Built in energy management system individually powers each heating element to product maximum heat with less battery drain.





  • Voltage: 48V

  • Current: 1.3-13.6 Amps at 48V DC

  • Power Consumption: 63-655 Watts

  • Fan Rating: 700-900 F/M

  • Dimensions: 3/25"W x 4.125"H x 5.125"L (Unit Only); 10.25"H (with In-Cup Mount)

  • Weight: 1.1 lbs

Climate Caddy Heater/Fan w/ Hard Mount and Harness for 48v Vehicles