Controller Mounting Panel for Club Car DS


Through the years there were several different widths of the DS electric chassis. This panel will fit all of them.  Trimming may be required if the width is too wide for your application.  We recommend trimming on the passenger side of the panel in order to avoid fitment issues of the on-board computer on the driver's side.

Controller Mounting Panel for Club Car DS

SKU: 101965205
  • Position the panel as shown in the photographs.

    If necessary, trim the panel to the desired length. Trim on the passenger side of the panel, opposite of the large opening on the opposite side where the on-board computer will be mounted.

    -If your vehicle doesn't have pre-existing mounting holes, drill two 17/64" holes into your vehicle chassis and mount the panel using 5/16-18" bolts. (Can be included with purchase)

    -For the side mounting bolts, position the panel where the round channel is positioned against the sides of the vertical supports of the vehicle chassis and drill a 3/8" hole through the vehicle chassis to allow for a 5/16" self drilling bolt (Can be included with purchase) to thread directly into the round channel on the front of the panel.

    -Tighten all hardware