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Full Cable Set.  Choose 4 Gauge or 2 Gauge from Drop Down-Menu.


Our cable sets are made of 100% fine strand welding cable. Welding cable is much more flexible and much more conductive than conventional battery cable. For high amperage applications, welding cable is the best option to make sure your system works at it's maximum efficiency and stays as cool as possible. To give a finished look, our cables have heat-shrink tubing covering the open ends of the cable to keep corrosion, water, and other trash out of these crucial connections.  These cables are BUILT TO LAST.


We offer different cable sets for different vehicles. Our cable sets are pre-made in the exact lengths needed to make sure you get exactly what you need for your particular application.


For Club Car applications with On-Board computers still in operation: It is very important to change every power cable in your system. The power cable that runs through the small hole in the OBC is just as important as any of the other cables in the system. A wire with a terminal end will not fit through this hole. This is no problem. We ship our OBC-Ready cable sets with a compression terminal (shown in photo).  In this application you will remove the 6 gauge wire from the OBC, lubricate and insert our cable through the OBC, skin back the insulation and install the compression terminal threaded anchor over the exposed portion of the wire.  You may then install the terminal onto the threaded anchor with two wrenches.  Tighten the terminal until it cannot be tightened any further. You will receive a piece of heat shrink tubing to cover the end of the cable.