Motor Centering Kit - AM10039

Motor Centering Kit - AM10039

SKU: AM10039
  • Designed to stop motor "chatter" due to excessive wear in the teeth between the input shaft of the differential and the output shaft of the motor. Will only work on Club Car vehicles with a solid steel shaft GE motor.

  • If equipped with Tow/Run switch, put vehicle in TOW mode. Disconnect main positive and negative battery terminals. Remove motor. Remove original rubber bumper from inside of the motor shaft. Install pieces on the differential input shaft in the following order.  Smooth Washer, Spring, Splined Washer, Rubber Splined Bushing. Make sure the small tapered edge of the bushing is facing towards the motor side.  Install new rubber bumper into the motor shaft with the hole-opening facing outward.  Re-install motor.  The bearing included with the kit goes in the opposite end of the motor, and doesn't have to be installed unless your motor has a failed bearing.  This is not commonly installed on motors that are not experiencing noises other than the chattering from the motor teeth.

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