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Motor centering kit is designed for the GE motor with the solid steel shaft only. If you have a motor with a nylon guide ring, this kit will not work for you.


The purpose of this kit is to reduce motor "chatter" due to worn teeth.


Items in the photo are oriented in the order of installation.  Remove the motor from the vehicle. Install the parts on the differential input shaft first.  The smooth washer goes first, then the spring, then the splined washer. Then the bushing goes against the splined washer with the tapered side facing the motor output shaft.  The rubber bumper goes in the end of the motor shaft. Be sure to remove the old bumper prior to installing this bumper. Often, the old bumper will appear completely flat and you may not even notice it's there. Failure to remove the old bumper will result in motor lock-up.   The bearing goes on the opposite end of the motor but is not necessary unless the existing bearing is making noise. 

Motor Centering Kit, AM10039, for factory Club Car GE Motor 2000+

SKU: AM10039
  • For Club Car vehicles with the GE motor ONLY.

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