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Kit Contents:


1 - Alltrax XCT 400 Amp Controller (Includes Regen Diode)

1 - Full 4 Gauge Cable Set for Club Car Precedent (Fine-Stranded Welding Cable)

1 - Heavy Duty Solenoid (JCC-200)

1 - Coil Suppression Diode for Solenoid


*NEW OPTION*  Due to popular request, you can now make a selection from our drop-down menu to upgrade this package from a 400 to a 500 amp controller (detuned to 400 amps to preserve the life of the factory motor). This upgrade also includes an upgrade from a 200 to 400 amp solenoid, and from a 4 gauge to a 2 gauge cable set.

Precedent Level 2 Upgrade Kit - Alltrax XCT400

SKU: PREC-LVL2-Upgrade