Do you have a Gen 1 pedal assembly with stuck pedals?  Maybe the park brake won't lock?  Unfortunately, most of the parts from the Gen 1 pedal assembly have been discontinued and you can no longer buy them, making it unrepairable.  You've probably wondered what you could do to fix these issues.  Look no further.  We've taken a good working Generation 2 pedal assembly from a Club Car Precedent and worked our magic.  We start with a good cleaning. We pressure wash the entire unit, top and bottom and allow it to fully dry. Then we check every pivot point to ensure there is not a wear issue anywhere.  After we've made sure everything is nice and tight, we lubricate everything and install a brand new park brake locking mechanism to make sure it will lock tightly and consistently when you lock the park brake. Then we top it off with a brand new OEM MCOR4 with a wire adapter, allowing you to plug directly into the factory wiring of an older (2004-2008.5) cart with an MCOR2.

Rebuilt Gen 2 Precedent Pedal Assembly

  • This pedal assembly is a direct fit for ANY YEAR Club Car Precedent. If you have a Gen 1 pedal assembly, this is a direct replacement. If you already have a Gen 2 pedal assembly with a good working MCOR 4, you can omit the new MCOR4 and adapter from this item by selecting it from the drop down menu.  Buyers with a Gen1 pedal assembly must purchase the entire assembly with the included MCOR4 because your MCOR2 will not fit on the new Gen2 pedal.


    GAS CARS: If you have a gas powered cart with a Gen 2 pedal assembly and a TRIAC Throttle Sensor, you need to omit the MCOR4. Your pedal sensor will transfer over to this pedal assembly.  If you have a GCOR (Older Style Black Box that looks like an MCOR), please contact us. We need to go another route.

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