Regen 1 to IQ Conversion Kit.


This kit is designed to fit on a 1996-1997 Club Car DS Golf Car equipped with the Regen 1 drive system. The Regen 1 drive system is no longer in production, nor are replacement controllers available so people are having to update their vehicles to a more modern system such as the IQ system. This kit contains everything you'll need to update your car to the modern system, minus the controller.  There are several different options for controllers, so in an attempt to keep from having to offer several different versions of this upgrade, we are excluding the controller. The controller can be purchased separately in the motor controller section of our store. The black Curtis IQ controller will work great with the factory motor. The Alltrax XCT controllers are also a great option.


Included in the kit:

-MCOR4 Throttle Conversion Kit

-Controller Mounting Panel with Hardware

-Tow/Run Switch with bracket and decal

-Diode and Resistor (necessary to re-use factory regen 1 solenoid)

-Accelerator Bracket & Bearing Assemblies with new Pivot Rod

-Onboard Computer for IQ System (necessary if re-using factory charger)

-Full IQ Wire harness for DS IQ Golf Cart

-Longer Positive Red Cable



Regen 1 to IQ Conversion Kit

$775.43 Regular Price
$697.89Sale Price
  • Please select the version of this kit that you would like to receive from the drop-down menu


    Version 1 - Includes full kit.  Ideal for using a factory IQ controller

    Version 2 - Removes the On-Board computer from the kit. This is ideal for those who do not wish to re-use the factory charger and opt to use a smart charger such as our Lester Summit II.

    Version 3 - Removes the small red positive cable, diode, and resistor for solenoid.  This is ideal for those who choose to re-use their factory charger, but will be using a controller such as an Alltrax with an upgraded power cable set and upgraded solenoid/diode ordered separately.

    Version 4 - Removes OBC, Red positive cable, diode and resistor for solenoid - Same as version 3, but removes the OBC as well. For those running a controller such as an Alltrax with an upgraded power cable set and upgraded solenoid/diode ordered separately. This is also for those who with to use a smart charger such as the Lester Summit II instead of the factory charger.

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