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Quality and Dependable Service

Rest assured that Revolution Golf Cars will be prepared to take care of any golf car issue you may have, no matter how big or small. There is not a job that we can not handle. Please contact us today to make an appointment.
Vehicle Repairs


We are prepared to tackle even the toughest jobs. We specialize in Club Car vehicles but we also perform repairs on EZGO vehicles as well. We will schedule a pickup to bring your vehicle to our facility for service at an affordable price.


Vehicle Accessories


Let us customize your vehicle. We offer quality factory accessories and we also carry many aftermarket components to help you customize your vehicle to your liking. We offer fold-down rear seat kits, light kits, lift kits, and many other accessories. Make an appointment for these to be installed on your vehicle at your convenience.


Custom Drive Systems


We truly love this part of our business. We can custom build an entire electrical system for your Club Car vehicle to perform nearly any task at hand. There are too many systems on the market that simply do not perform as the customer would like. They're built for golf, period. Let us design a drive system that will allow the vehicle to perform the way "YOU" need it to perform for your application.


Quality Parts

We can't stress this enough. We believe in only high quality parts. We​ have been in the industry long enough to realize that you get what you pay for. However, we are able to bring you high quality parts at very competitive pricing. Our advantage, technical support. Unlike most vendors who simply sell you parts by the part number and never see the actual item, we have experience with the items that we sell and can tell you how to install them and explain how they work. A technician is the best parts manager money can buy. 


We are very busy with our EBay listings and online store found here on this site, but we can also sell directly to you via telephone or email.  Our web store has lots of common items but in more complex orders we would rather work with the customer one-on-one to ensure they are receiving exactly what they would like to order. There are often compatibility issues with certain parts and we want to help clarify those issues. Once a customer is setup with us, orders can be placed easily by text or email.

Technical Support

You can always call or email us for assistance. Another option would be for you to join the best golf car forum in the world, Owner/Operator, David Hicks, is an avid member of this forum and offers free technical advice and a wealth of knowledge to anyone who needs assistance. David's user name is "TahoeDawgZ71"​

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