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Golf Car Wheels

Note: Inventory changes every day during the COVID-19 Pandemic. What might be available today may not be available tomorrow. There are LOTS of back-orders on tires and wheels. We are leaving all of our options available for purchase whether they are in stock or not. If you are concerned about a lead time or a stock status, please get the SKU number for the item you're interested in and text 706-431-3917 or email us at PRIOR TO ordering and we can let you know the availability status.

Tire/Wheel Fitment: Please do your research prior to ordering. We are not responsible for a set of tires and wheels that do not fit on your golf car unless you contact us first. If you contact us first and we confirm that it will fit, we will then claim responsibility. If you are unsure, please contact us before you order and we will help you.  If we say they'll fit, and they don't fit, we will honor any mistake that we make by providing free return-shipping and a replacement of the item with the correct item at no extra shipping charges to the customer.

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