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Complete Gauge cable set. Custom cut to fit this specific model.


Features include:

  • Fine-stranded welding cable for maximum power conductivity
  • Hydraulic crimped copper terminals
  • Double wall heat-shrink tubing on terminals to keep out debris and corrosion
  • This is a FULL CABLE KIT. It replaces ALL high amperage cables on the entire vehicle. Not just on the batteries.
  • Available with or without OBC compression terminal (explained below)


Please order the correct size cables for your application. 2 Gauge Cable sets are rated for up to a 600 amp controller. 4 Gauge cable sets are rated for up to a 400 amp controller


Do you need an OBC compression terminal? Maybe, maybe not.  The Onboard computer, or "OBC" was used on all 48 volt Club Car vehicles from 1995 until 2014. If you're still using your Powerdrive, Powerdrive 2, Powerdrive 3, or IQ Plus charger, your cart has an OBC.  These chargers will not function correctly without an OBC. The OBC is the brain behind these chargers.  A common modification to these vehicles is to delete or "bypass" the OBC. The reason for this is to allow you to be able to use a more advanced charger such as the Lester Summit 2, FSIP Charge Plus, or the MODZ Max.  There is a small hole in your original OBC in which the main negative cable must pass through in order for the OBC to accurately monitor battery voltage information and charge data. When installing a custom cable set you will be required to cut the original cable that runs through this hole and replace it with a new negative cable. The copper terminal is far too large to pass through this hole. This is where the OBC compression terminal comes into play. If you are using the OBC for charging, you will need to select "YES" from this drop-down menu. We will send you a compression terminal along with one cable of your cable set that is unfinished on one end.  You will then lubricate this cable and pull it through the hole in the OBC. DO NOT DRILL THIS HOLE. 4 AWG and 2 AWG wires will fit through this hole. If you enlarge the hole, the OBC will be ruined.  Once you pull the wire through you can cut back the insulation and place the compression terminal anchor onto the copper wire. Once it's in place you can thread the compression terminal onto the anchor using two wrenches.  Once it's tightened fully, you will have a nice tight secure connection and a finished cable to complete your installation.  A piece of heat-shrink tubing comes with the compression terminal to finish the job and make it look nice.  Please reach out if you have any further questions.


If you are unsure of what drive system you have, please call or email us prior to ordering.

Complete Cable Set for 48V Club Car DS IQ 2002-2005 with six 8V Batteries


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