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8:1 High Speed Gear Set for Club Car Electric vehicles with Graziano rear differential.  Please confirm you have the Graziano differential prior to ordering. The Graziano is used in electric vehicle from year model 2000 and newer. It is easily identified by having a larger 3/4" drain plug and fill plug. The bolts that hold the differential housing are oriented with the bolt heads towards the passenger side, as opposed to the older style Kawasaki units that had them installed from the opposite direction. We offer these units four different ways.


Option A: Brand new High Speed Gears and bearings only.  Bearings will be installed on the gears prior to shipping.  You will be responsible for installing the gears in your existing differential housing, re-sealing it with RTV silicone, and adding SAE30 oil to the fill plug.  Ring gear will bolt onto the existing carrier unit in your existing differential.


Option B: We will provide a carrier unit and we will install the gear set into a good used gear case housing.  Installation will be much easier. All you will need to do is remove the motor, remove the existing axle tubes (5 bolts per side), clean the mounting surfaces, and install the original axles onto the new gearcase using RTV silicone as a gasket. 


Option C: We will provide used axles and tubes in excellent condition.  The unit will be shipped with one axle tube detached. This is for shipping purposes and allows us to use a much smaller box.  You will need RTV silicone to make a gasket to attach this axle to the gear case. This option will require you to pull the axles out of the housing and swap your old brake clusters over from the original axles to this unit.  90 degree C-Clip pliers are required.  The axle/tube configuration that comes with this unit are the new 2006+ Revision that WILL allow for a 5kw Navitas AC motor to fit on a non-lifted Club Car DS or Precedent chassis.


Option D: Same as option C, except it will include brand new brake clusters, shoes, and drums.  You will not have to transfer any parts from the old differential.  Like option C, this will ship with one axle detached from the case for shipping purposes. 


Note: Please do your research on high speed gears before ordering. Factory gear ratio is 12.3:1.  These 8:1 High speed gears will result in much higher speeds and lower torque. You need a strong drive system that can compensate for the changed gear ratio to help you re-gain the lost torque from the gear change.  Running these gears on a factory drive system is not recommended.

8:1 High Speed Gears for Club Car Electric with Graziano Differential

  • Option C and D is NOT available to residents of Hawaii or Alaska

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