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Provides the user with the ability to switch between three different profiles via the MODE switch, NORMAL, 1, and 2. Use your laptop PC with the Alltrax Toolkit software to set three different sets of parameters for three different users. This is a great way to make everybody in the family happy with the way the vehicle will drive. Regen braking is also adjustable with a separate knob in addition to the mode switch. On-the-fly adjustments are at the tip of your fingers. Simply setup the parameters in the controller with the Alltrax Toolkit software to set the minum and maximum ranges.  Once you've completed this step, this FN-KEY module will take care of the rest. Package comes with one FN-KEY module with a cord long enough to allow you to mount the unit in your dash and still have plenty of room to reach the back of the cart. The FN-KEY has a hook & loop style strip that will help you to adhere it to any location of your choice. This unit will plug directly into a port located on your Alltrax controller. No wiring is necessary.



Alltrax FN-KEY Module for XCT Controllers


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