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1 - Navitas 440A TSX3.0 Controller for 48 Volt E-Z-GO TXT48 Golf Car

1 - Navitas On-The-Fly Programmer (Can be excluded if desired)

1 - Full 4 Gauge Cable Set for E-Z-GO TXT48

1 - Heavy Duty Solenoid (JCC-200)

1 - Coil Suppression Diode for Solenoid

1 - 48 Volt FSIP 221-48VSPEEDEY Motor


Navitas Controller Info:

  • Shunt wound controller designed to fit TXT48

  • 440 Amp.

  • Compact and lightweight.

  • Regenerative braking and contactor-less motor reversing.

  • Separate armature and field current limits.

  • Thermal protection.

  • Speed sensor input.

  • Live Bluetooth connectivity.

  • Downloadable iOS and Andriod apps for dealer and end user.

E-Z-GO TXT48 Level 3B Upgrade Kit - Navitas 440/Speed Motor

  • This kit is designed for those who want to go fast but don't ride their carts in rough or hilly terrain. The controller is intended to be mounted in the factory controller location. All factory power wiring needs to be upgraded with the cable set included in the kit. A heavy duty solenoid is also provided to help carry the extra amperage.


    We will program this controller to be used with the motor in