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Kit Contents:


1 - Alltrax XCT 500 Amp Controller (Includes Regen Diode)

1 - Full 2 Gauge Cable Set for E-Z-GO TXT48 (Fine-Stranded Welding Cable)

1 - Universal Mounting Kit

1 - Heavy Duty Solenoid (MZJ-400)

1 - Coil Suppression Diode for Solenoid

1 - FSIP 221-48VTORQUEEY High Torque Motor

E-Z-GO TXT48 Level 5 Upgrade Kit (TORQUE)

  • This kit is designed for those who want to build a strong cart to haul a heavy load and gain some speed at the same time. The XCT 500 has a built in fan to keep your investment cool and keep major components from burning up. The controller is intended to be mounted vertically in the factory controller location. All factory power wiring needs to be upgraded with the cable set included in the kit. A heavy duty solenoid is also provided to help carry the extra amperage. Controller mounting hardware included.


    We will program this controller to be used with the motor in this package.


    Expect a substantial torque increase with a top speed of 19-22 MPH on a non-lifted cart.  NOTE: A healthy battery pack is crucial for optimum results. Please ensure that the tires are properly inflated, front end alignment is correctly aligned and that the brakes on your cart are not dragging.