Main Wire Harness for 2006-2013 Club Car DS with IQ Drive System.  Will also work on 2002-2006 model vehicles, but this harness does not include the integrated Curtis controller programmer circuit in the harness.  This harness is perfect for those who are converting their vehicle to the IQ system and using an aftermarket controller. 


NOTE: For custom installations, we can modify this harness to better fit your needs.  There are drop-down menus on this page that will allow you to customize this harness how you want it. For instance, if you're using a smart charger and you need to have the OBC bypassed, we can perform this procedure on the harness before we ship it to you.


OBC Menu options explained:

NO - I'M USING A 6-PIN OBC - We will not modify the OBC circuit. We will leave the 6-pin OBC connector on the harness as it comes from the factory.


YES - BYPASS ENTIRELY - We will completely remove the OBC circuit from the harness.  There will be no sign that it was ever there. All necessary wiring will be modified to allow the vehicle to operate without an OBC in the circuit.


YES - MODIFY FOR 3-PIN SERIES - We will remove the 6 Pin OBC connector, modify all necessary wiring in the harness, and re-pin the appropriate wires into a 3-pin connector that will plug into your factory series-drive OBC. This is ideal for those who are installing this harness on a DS with the series-drive system and want to re-use their factory OBC with the 3-pin plug on the back of it.  Please note that all charging features will work perfectly and the vehicle will operate flawlessly, but you will not be able to retain the on-charge solenoid lockout feature of the OBC.  This means that the vehicle will be operable while charging. We recommend routing the charger cord through the steering wheel prior to plugging it into the cart. This will keep people from driving off with the cord inserted into the vehicle.



You'll also be given the option to modify the harness to be used with other controllers. If you're using the OEM Curtis (black) 1510 controller, you do not need to have the harness modified at all. This also applies to any Alltrax XCT, Navitas TSX, or Navitas TAC controller. The harness will work perfectly for all three of these without any modifications.  If you're wanting to use a Grey Curtis 1515-5201 or a White Curtis 1515-5206, we can make these modifications for you prior to shipping. Just select them from the 2nd drop-down menu.

Main Wire Harness, Club Car DS IQ 103689601

SKU: 103689601
  • Directly compatible with all Club Car DS models with serial number prefix of "AQ"

  • Will physically "fit" on all Club Car DS golf cars. This is the harness of choice for those who are wanting to convert their non-IQ vehicle to the IQ system in order to be able to use various upgrade kits on the market today such as the Alltrax XCT and the Navitas controllers. It also works well as a simple replacement for an IQ vehicle that just needs a new harness.

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