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The Navitas DC to AC Conversion Kit is designed for easy installation and increased performance over DC systems. The super-efficient AC system results in longer run times, more torque and faster acceleration. Dealer level app access is available for qualified customers. Email us for details. Designed for 48Volt vehicles only. Replaces Curtis 1510 or 1515 controller. With factory sized tires, expect speeds of 25MPH with default controller settings. Settings can be tweaked via the Navitas Dashboard bluetooth app.



  • AC 4 kW or  5 kW motor
  • 440 amp or 600 amp AC controller with Bluetooth
  • Speed sensor/motor temperature harness
  • Mounting plate and hardware
  • Motor phase cable
  • On-The-Fly programmer


NOT INCLUDED BUT REQUIRED: (These items can be found in our online store)

  • Heavy Duty 2 Gauge Cable Set
  • Heavy Duty Solenoid


Please note that all three of our Navitas AC Kits will all net the same top speed. 440/4kw, 600/4kw, and 600/5kw are the three available kits. With each step up, there is simply an increase in torque over lower levels.  As a general rule of thumb we recommend the 440/4kw for a non lifted vehicle on flat terrain. We recommend the 600/4kw for a lifted or non lifted vehicle in flat or mildy hilly terrain. The 600/5kw package is the heavy duty package and will work best for the most demanding of applications. Please contact us if you need further assistance.


Please note that the 5kw motor will not fit on a non lifted 2004-2005 Precedent or any year non lifted Club Car DS unless it has the 2006 or newer transaxle (part number 102771701 found on passenger side axle tube).  The earlier differential can be used if you're willing to install a 6 inch lift kit and remove or relocate the passenger side shock.  We have new differential options if you're interested in that. Just contact us.  The 4kw motor will have no clearance issues on a non-lifted or a lifted DS or Precedent regardless of year. 


Yamaha G29 vehicles may also experience a motor fitment issue with the 5kw motor. Please make sure you have enough room before you order the motor. The motor is 11.25" long from where it mounts to the differential to the cap on the other end of the motor. This measurement is taken after the motor is installed and does not include the output shaft. If you feel that you have clearance issues, we suggest ordering the 4kw motor.

Navitas DC to AC Conversion Kit

  • This kit will fit all of the models listed in the drop down menu. Please be sure to correctly identify your vehicle prior to ordering. Buyer is responsible for return shipping and a restocking fee if the wrong kit is ordered. Please ask first if you have any questions.

Please note that due the COVID-19 Pandemic, Most of our products will show "IN STOCK" status, even when they are not currently available. If you are concerned with having to wait on a back-order, please contact us PRIOR to ordering. With the exception of lift kits, if an item is marked "OUT OF STOCK" it is because of a long term back-order that we do not currently have an ETA for. If you place an order and choose to cancel at anytime, no problem. Be aware that cancelled orders in back-order status will be fully refunded minus the non-refundable 3.5% PayPal processing fee. We highly recommend you ask about availability status PRIOR to ordering by texting or emailing us. Please provide the SKU number of the item in your message. This is explained in further detail on our main page, or by clicking HERE.

Please note that most of our items are in stock. Lift Kits and Tire/Wheel packages are most affected by the back-order situation.


Text: 706-431-3917


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