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Do you have a Gen 1 pedal assembly with stuck pedals?  Maybe the park brake won't lock?  Unfortunately, most of the parts from the Gen 1 pedal assembly have been discontinued and you can no longer buy them, making it unrepairable.  You've probably wondered what you could do to fix these issues.  Look no further.  This is a brand NEW Generation 2 pedal assembly for a Club Car Precedent. It is fully compatible with all Precedent carts and is a direct replacement for the Gen 1 pedal assembly. 

NEW Gen 2 Precedent Pedal Assembly

SKU: 103974821
  • This pedal assembly is a direct fit for ANY YEAR Club Car Precedent. If you have a Gen 1 pedal assembly, this is a direct replacement. Buyers with a Gen1 pedal assembly must also purchase the AM293001 - MCOR4 conversion kit from our store. The MCOR2 that is on your existing pedal assembly will not fit on the Gen 2 assembly.


    GAS CARS: If you have a gas powered cart with a Gen 2 pedal assembly and a TRIAC Throttle Sensor, your throttle sensor can be transferred over to the new unit without modifications. If you have a GCOR (Older Style Black Box that looks like an MCOR), please contact us. We need to go another route.