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Main wire harness for E-Z-GO TXT48.  This is an OEM harness and can be used as a direct replacement for all TXT48 vehicles.  This variation of the harness has the F&R switch wiring located on the rear body.  Some versions have the wiring for the F&R on the dash.  You can lengthen these three wires to position the F&R to the dash if you choose. 


If you're converting your vehicle to use a Navitas AC kit, this is the harness you need. 

OEM E-Z-GO TXT48 Main Wire Harness, (for Navitas Swap)

SKU: 625805
  • 16 pin connector - Plugs directly into controller

    2-pin connector with red and red/blue wire in 4-pin housing - Tow/Run Switch

    The 4-pin connector (yellow, purple, orange, and green/white) near the 16 pin connector. This is a programming
    plug for the factory controller.  If you are using an aftermarket controller such as a Navitas or an Alltrax this wire will not be used.

    The 4-pin connector (green, black, yellow, and white) This is a data port as well.  Do not plug this into anything. This is not used.  

    3-wire black connector, red, black, and white - Factory speed sensor for the motor.  If using an AC Conversion kit, this will not be used.  If using a DC system,
    this will plug directly into the motor speed sensor.  Depending on which DC motor you are using, you may have to cut off this connector and splice the wires together.

    Black four pin connector with green, red/blue, black, white - ITS Throttle.  (May look different than existing throttle plug, but wire colors will match.  Cut
    and splice all four wires together, matching colors.

    Red/Blue wire with ring terminal - Goes to the battery hot side of solenoid (large terminal) - You may have to change this end or cut and spread wider to install
    on heavy duty solenoid with a 3/8" stud.

    Yellow - Small terminal on solenoid. (If using a diode, this wire goes on the same terminal as the POSITIVE side of the diode with the silver stripe)

    Blue - Small terminal on solenoid. (If using a diode, this wire goes on the same terminal as the NEGATIVE side of the diode without the silver stripe)

    Grey, Orange, and Green - F&R Switch.  Grey wire goes in the center. The green wire and orange wire will go on the other two terminals in the same row of pins as
    the grey wire.  All three wires will be on this same row. You will not use the second row of pins at all if your switch has two rows.  When test running the car, you
    will need to determine which position is forward vs reverse before you snap the switch into the housing in order to ensure it's oriented correctly in relation to
    vehicle directional operation. If you are installing this harness on a PDS car, these three wires can be extended into the dash area and the factory PDS F&R switch
    can be re-used.

    Orange wire with single pin plug - Plugs into the blue wire in the back of the 3-Pin 48-Volt E-Z-GO Charger port

    Green and Red blade terminals - Reverse buzzer.  Red positive and Green Negative

    White & White/Yellow - Key Switch

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