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Navitas Motor Controllers

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We offer a Navitas controller for several different vehicle applications

Series, Sepex (Regen), or AC Drive?

There are three main types of drive systems on the modern golf car. We have addressed this on one of our HELP pages. You can redirect to that page by clicking HERE.  Once you have identified your system, then you'll know more about what you're looking for when browsing our store.

User Programming

We offer the Navitas TSX DC Controllers and the Navitas AC-Conversion kits. Both of these controllers feature the ease of user programming via the free Navitas Iphone or Android App, NAVITAS DASHBOARD

Wiring and Installation

All of our Navitas controllers are shipped with a booklet that include simple instructions to help assist you with your installation. We are always here for tech support if you need us.

Navitas provided a factory warranty on their TSX and TAC controllers for 24 months. AC Drive motors are covered for 12 months.

Navitas TAC and TSX Controllers

TAC controllers are the newest technology AC-Drive models. They are available in a DC to AC conversion "kit" to convert a Regen/Sepex style DC system to the Navitas AC kit. Older series cars can be converted to Sepex/Regen to allow these kits to be installed as well. Ask us for details if you have one of these older cars.  Some newer vehicles such as the Yamaha Drive 2 and the E-Z-GO RXV come with factory AC drive systems. These cars would require just a controller only, and would not need a full "kit" because the factory AC motor will suffice.

TSX controllers can be used on series and sepex vehicles but they must be purchased with the correct vehicle specific wiring adapter harness in order to work correctly. Below you will have the option to order the controller, adapter harness, and / or On-The-Fly programmer separately or buy them as a bundle for a slightly lesser price. Please be sure which drive system is on your golf car prior to ordering. If you order the incorrect harness, it won't work.

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